Subscribe for contact lenses and never run out again!

Your new shipment will arrive on time and you will automatically save 5% on all future orders. You can simply subscribe to any contact lens product after adding it to the Shopping Cart.

Will I be notified before my subscription order is processed?

Yes. We will send you an email reminder one week prior to your scheduled order being processed. If any changes or updates are needed, you have time to let us know.

Can I change the frequency in which I receive my subscription order?

Not a problem! Simply log into your account at, click the "My Account" button at the top upper right-hand corner of the page and pause your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription with WebEyeCare?

You can always cancel your subscription at any time. Just send an email to, text us at 215-273-9455 or call us at 888-536-7480 and we will cancel your subscription immediately for you.

Do I need a prescription to sign up for the subscription service?

Subscription orders need to be verified with a valid prescription. If we have a valid prescription for you on file your subscription order will ship out right away for you. If we do not have a valid prescription on file we will contact your doctor’s office for verification of your prescription.

Should your prescription expire and you wish to send us a copy of your new prescription, please send it to us to expedite the processing of your order. Take a picture of your new prescription and text it to 215-273-9455, email it to or go to, log in to your account and upload your prescription to “My Account”.