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How to Submit a Prescription for Eyeglasses?

Please be assured that we make every effort to get your glasses to you as fast as possible. However, eyeglasses are custom made and we take every effort to make sure your new glasses are made correctly. Most orders with prescription lenses take 3-5 days in our lab on average, but some specialty lenses may take longer. IMPORTANT: To get an estimate of how long your glasses will take, please call or email customer service to confirm the actual timing.

Some Single Vision Lenses

Processing time Shipping time
In-Stock: 2 days Standard: 1- 6 Business days
UPS Next Day: 1 Business day

Bifocal Lenses and No-Line Bifocals (and special lens treatments)

Processing time Shipping time
In-Stock: 2 days Standard: 1- 6 Business days
UPS Next Day: 1 Business day

Delivery Estimate

We can only estimate delivery times - we cannot guarantee processing or delivery times. Sometimes the frame manufacturer back orders the frame and that will increase the time it takes for us to get your glasses completed. If you want a processing or delivery estimate for your order, place your order first, then send an email or call Customer Service. We will make our best efforts to give you an estimated time. We value quality over speed on every order.

Eyeglass Frames

We offer a giant selection of eyewear frames, and if the frame you ordered is not in stock, it is necessary for us to order it from the frame manufacturer. In this case, it may take a few days longer for us to get it from the vendor and to our lab. Sometimes, vendors discontinue frames before we can remove it from our site. In this case, we will notify you immediately after receiving your order.

Shipping Method Choicess

When you choose a shipping method, the time for that method is always IN ADDITION TO the time it will take for us to get the frame ("in-stock or virtual") plus the time for lenses (if you ordered prescription lenses).

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs vary according to your location and the shipping method you choose. For all orders we offer free ground shipping in the Continental U.S. If you want to get your glasses quicker, at checkout you will be presented with several shipping options and their costs. All days referred to are non-holiday business days.

International Orders

At this time, we do not ship outside of the United States.