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Clariti 1 Day Toric 30 pack Clariti 1 Day Multifocal 30 Pack Clariti 1 Day 90pk
Clariti 1 Day Toric 30 Pack
Retail Price $49.99
Our Price $38.95
Clariti 1 Day Multifocal 30 Pack
Retail Price $54.99
Our Price $40.50
Clariti 1 Day 90 Pack
Retail Price $74.99
Our Price $60.50
Clariti 1 Day Toric 90 Pack Clariti 1 Day Multifocal 90 Pack
Clariti 1 Day Toric 90 pack
Retail Price $98.99
Our Price $78.95
Clariti 1 Day Multifocal 90 Pack
Retail Price $115.99
Our Price $86.95

clariti Contact Lenses

clariti (pronounced “klar-itee”) is a popular CooperVision brand of contact lenses. clariti contacts are daily disposables, made with silicone hydrogel. The advantage of the silicone hydrogel lenses is that your eyes get more oxygen than when you wear hydrogel lenses.

  • Brand: CooperVision
  • Type: Corrective
  • Feature: Daily Disposable
  • UV: Lenses provide UV protection

According to popular reviews, patients who switched to clariti 1-day contact lenses from monthlies report having much happier eyes that do not dry out. All-day moisture is achieved thanks to AquaGen technology. The AquaGen process helps the lens surface stay wet naturally, allowing your eyes to feel comfortable throughout the day.

clariti contacts have a lot to offer contact-lens wearers:

  • Cheap price
  • All-day comfort
  • Whiter eyes
  • UV protections (not a substitute for UV-absorbing eyewear)
  • Options that fit your vision correction needs*

*clariti contacts correct nearsighted and farsighted vision, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

WebEyeCare sells amazingly affordable clariti contact lenses at the lowest prices. We also offer a best price guarantee, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best daily contacts

The clariti family of daily disposable contacts provides solutions for all popular vision correction needs, including:

  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

When compared to other brands, clarity 1 day lenses offer whiter eyes than 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® and SofLens Daily, as they allow up to 3x more oxygen to pass through the lens. (Source)

clariti daily contacts are also UV-absorbing. UV radiation is one of the risk factors associated with cataracts. While wearing UV-absorbing contacts is not a substitute for your protective UV-blocking eyewear (like goggles or sunglasses), it does provide you with an additional protection.

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Best multifocal contact lenses

Curious about correcting your presbyopia with daily lenses? clariti 1 day multifocal lenses allow you to focus close up, far away and in-between.

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clariti 1 day rebate

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