Loyality rewards


Every purchase made on the website
($1 = 10 points)
Posts shared on any social network


Earn points when referred friends make a purchase

Activate your account

0 To 5,000
$5 OFF = 1000 POINTS
$10 OFF = 2000 POINTS
5,000 To 10,000
$5 OFF = 750 POINTS
$10 OFF = 1500 POINTS
$20 OFF = 3000 POINTS
10,000 or more
$5 OFF = 500 POINTS
$10 OFF = 1000 POINTS
$20 OFF = 2000 POINTS
Q . How can I enroll for the loyalty program?
By creating an account on WebEyeCare, you are automatically enrolled in our loyalty program.

Q . Can I opt out of the program?
On your loyalty dashboard, click on your name to check your profile information and update opt-in preferences. If you choose to opt out, you wont receive any notifications from the program and wont be able to participate in the program any longer. You can always opt-in again from the dashboard.
Q . When will the points I earned for my purchase be available for redemption?
The points will be available after 30 days. If the order is cancelled or returned, the points will not be deposited in your account.

Q . Why are no points showing up against my last purchase?
No points are awarded for purchase of promotional products. If your order did not contain promotional products, then please check if your points are pending approval post the 30 day period. If you don’t see the points even in the pending state, then please contact rewards@webeyecare.com

Q . I referred my friend but I haven’t earned points for the referral?
A referral transaction is considered complete only when the following conditions are met –
i. The friend is a new customer and registers at webeyecare.com through your referral link
ii. Friend makes the first purchase

Q . I shared on Pinterest, Twitter and FB through the loyalty widget.However I don’t see the points being credited to my account.
Points for social sharing are credited only when someone clicks through your shared post. This is to stay compliant with social network policies that don’t allow giving incentives for sharing.
Q . How can I redeem my points?
In your loyalty dashboard, navigate to the ‘Spend Points’ tab. There you will see options to redeem your points.

Q . Can I apply my redeemed code to past orders?
Coupon codes redeemed through the program are only valid on your next purchases. The codes have to be used in the checkout process in order to get the discount.

Q . Where can I find the coupon code that I had redeemed?
The coupon code is presented on the dashboard when you redeem. The coupon will also be emailed to you from rewards@webeyecare.com. You can always visit your loyalty dashboard and check the redeemed transactions. The codes you have redeemed will show up there.
Q . I have earned more than 5000 points. Why am I not a part of the Gold Tier?
Tier calculations are based on ‘Qualified’ points only. Only points earned for purchases are qualified points and counted towards tier calculations.
Q . Can I opt out of the rewards notifications?
Each notification has an unsubscribe link. However, once you unsubscribe, you will be unsubscribed from all notifications and wont be notified of new eligible rewards or expiring points. To resubscribe you will have to write an email to rewards@webeyecare.com.